Malu Bertanya Sesat Jalan

Reflecting the past few years giving my service in the hospital, I was thinking I’m quite versatile in my personality. I no longer know what type of person I am. Haha. I can be really moving slow, and in minutes I can turn into a fast paced machine. It’s like my mind have this on and off switch.


I’ve been working in ICU for the past few months after completing my cycle in operation theatre. I meet a lot of doctors from other departments here; Medical, Paeds, Surgery, Orthopaedic, Nephrology, Oral surgery. Point is, I’ve been working with a lot of people, and it was a very interesting experience. Considering how boring it was when I was jailed in operation room all cold and chilly.


When I was doing rounds, entering notes, doing procedures, observing patients, with beeping monitor on the counter, I got quite some leisure time socializing with other doctors, and I met some interesting houseman. I like them. Huhu. I wasn’t the malignant medical officer anyway, so I was quite approachable.

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Of Memories and Life

“Okay ke housemanship masa mengandung? Saya dengar sampai gugur pun ada.”


Persoalan seorang pelajar perubatan, yang saya kira cukup sama dengan apa yang pernah terlintas di fikiran saya suatu ketika dulu sewaktu saya masih seorang pelajar. Akhir-akhir ni saya bekerja di jabatan yang tiada HO, jadi untuk menilai HO itu masih terlalu jauh untuk saya. Tapi, saya pernah menjadi seorang HO juga. Itu adalah proses yang akan dilalui oleh semua doktor.


Saya masih ingat persepsi saya terhadap housemanship training ketika masih di bangku universiti. Saya bayangkan saya akan bekerja tanpa dapat tidur sedikitpun. Kadang mungkin tak dapat balik rumah. Tak ada life. Seminggu sampai oncall every other day. Berlari ke sana ke sini. Macam-macam la yang saya fikir.


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Don’t ever think that hardships remain forever, because they DON’T~~ The day will always be brighter after the rain… ^____________^
Let’s make a post-it for myself… I better check this post whenever I feel down and depressed… Here I go…

It’s a self REMINDER, Dalili, you can do it~!!

#1 – Set your intentions right. It’s neither about the money, the highly respected position and the power. It is about PUBLIC SERVITUDE, serving those who are in need of healthcare. Only after you have served well, then only you could deserve the rewards, privileges and rights allocated for medical practitioners!

#2 – Have the right attitudes. Being the most junior specialist in the team, you really have a lot to catch up and learn. Never pretend that you know all. Never hesitate to admit that you do not know, to ask questions and assistance. Respect those who are more experienced than you. People with the right attitudes are welcome wherever they go, always…all the time!

#3 – Put on your best smile and outstanding manners. Greet everyone with a cheerful smile. No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to move your temporo-mandibular joints and carve out a big smile. It will stimulate a fountain of endorphins in your neuron synapses, and aha…the feel-good feeling will set in. A simple science fact is ALWAYS enduring~ ehheeeee~~~ ^^

#4 – Work extra hard to convince people that you are reliable, responsible, accountable and able to complete tasks and meet expectations. Work hard and gain their trust~

#5 – Refresh your inner self with daily, constant and effective spiritual input. Do NOT leave your sholat. No matter how busy you are, you really need that 5 -10 minutes regular breaks and meditate you mind. It acts as a cooling oasis for you to rejuvenate.

#6 – Mend your bruised heart and dented self-esteem, quickly and effectively – each time you received unpleasant bashings reminders of your incompetency & shortcoming from your seniors. It’s a part and parcel of the job. Admit your mistakes, but PLEASE, try hard not to repeat them. To err is human, but to keep doing the same error is a major blunder!

#7 – Keep in touch with your family and friends – Don’t shut out your life, which mainly linger around your wards, call roster and private room now. There is more to life out there than just work or crashing into bed to recover from sleep deprivation. I want to treasure my parents, my brothers and this one cousin I have here. And I don’t want to neglect my friends no matter how busy I am. This is my goal.

Keep going and keep studying, Dalili. You KNEW by the time you chose this job, it wasn’t an easy path. It’s a lifetime studying, and a lifetime experience. Don’t let yourself tainted by those who would corrupt you.

Be strong…. Please…

And So Forever On…

A special message for my friends… Khas untuk kawan-kawan kat UNHAS yang akan menjalani kehidupan masing-masing… For you;


Words such as like or hate, I am unable to convey with such simple words,
This special day which only comes once a year
Over and over, till the end of time
That innocent smile, the unchanging gestures, from the place closest to me
Each and every one of them is my treasure

That you are living life with a smile
Just from that knowledge alone
I feel happy, warm, able to relent
It is what lights up my future

A mother’s warmth, being cocooned within a great love
With that I could go on for eternity

The kindness of our friends we keep to close to our hearts
We sometimes mess up, and fight, but the happiness we share with each other
The memories too many to be counted
From now on, too, will we continue to create them?

Even if there comes a time, when we are reborn into a different world
Each of us will meet again the same way,
And I will still love you the same way

There may be things that we need to overcome
Don’t give up (don’t give up)
No matter what comes our way, (always) I am right by your side

If I can have my wish granted
May I have a spell cast
One that ensures you will not shed tears of sadness ever again?

A life with together with you
With a brilliant smile, with confidence, and hand in hand
Together we go forward
I am looking forward to such a future

Thank you, too, for today

“Hey, Dome”

Okay, there’s one thing I’d like to share about what interests me on civil engineering. I had always been attracted to beautiful buildings. Well, I am an arts lover after all. If you stumble across buildings in Dubai, Hong Kong and few other places, I believe you’ll be astounded by the creative artistic designs the architects and civil engineers had came upon. Back in Malaysia, the designs of KLIA and KLCC are one of the most impressive ones.

Now, there is this one structure, though, that caught a great amount of my attention. I never realize this structure when someday I was busy with my Hyphen and Fairy job and get a hold of a very interesting fact. The Japan world stadiums, which held the integral structure of some ancient religious buildings, the dome. Tokyo Dome, Kyocera Dome, Tajima Dome, Seibu Dome, Nagoya Dome, Yokkaichi Dome, Sapporo Dome, Fukuoka Dome, Kitakyushu Media Dome, Seagaia Ocean Dome, Odate Jukai Dome, Atomic Bomb Dome. Oh trust me, you don’t want me to list them all. They were too much from world class stadiums to mere houses.

Kyocera Dome in Osaka - my favourite

Let’s skip Japanese domes, I realize there’s one dome I had always been to, and until now had never failed to bait me over and over again; the mosque. When I was a little child, this dome design had always absorbed me into the beautiful arts. And yes, when I said ‘absorbed’, I really mean it ‘absorbed’ my inner self into it. If you never tried once, I recommend you to sit in the mosque and stare at the inside of the dome. You’ll understand the peaceful feelings I had. I love the domes. When I knew how vast the usage of dome in Japan, I was curious. Why dome?

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Come Back Post


Assalamulaikum w.b.t…


By the time this post is written, I’m already having a cup of coffee back at my home. Yes, I’ve skipped a lot of departments to report about my clinical experiences regardless how much I got from each of them. I counted up to three departments I’ve missed (that is, if I’m not mistaken). It’s not like I’ve given up writing. It’s rather, I was busy writing something else other than blogs that I couldn’t find my time to update. And being the stubborn me, I refuse to update my blog with items I wrote for something else. Yeah, you can complain, but that’s me. It’s not like you’ll see my post uploaded twice anywhere unless with high demands.


Now, this is a major warning, I’m going to ramble the whole post and it would be really personal. Just because I need some drive to make me write again. So anyone who couldn’t stand rambling, feel free not to click the ‘read more’ button or just navigate away from the page. Don’t worry, I’ll come up with an educating article soon enough. So stop pouting!


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