Drama Review: Doctor Stranger

So, I finally have a little bit free time and I’ve been spending my weekend leisure to watch a drama last time. ‘Doctor Stranger’ as it called, is a symbolic to how a doctor can be a stranger in the hospital, being Hoon as the stranger at the beginning of a story bcoz he was trained at North Korea. But later Jaejoon said he was the one who is the stranger, bcoz he didn’t acted like a real doctor saving a patient.


It was actually a korean drama recommended by a friend. She said it was a really good drama; a good mix of medicine and politics, and good actors but sorry, I dont know much about Korean entertainment so I have no idea how popular the casts are. But I’d invest my time for a good drama be it Korean, English, Malay, Japan or anything. So I went ahead and watch it. Honestly though, it was very very good at the beginning, but it went downhill at around the last quarter of the series. And because it had such a good beginning, the disappointment of a bad ending doubled, because it was such a waste to an excellent start. It was actually a story about a boy who was a child of a famous Cardiothoracic surgeon in South Korea, and his journey for freedom in their communism political policy. There are four main characters, in which they fought in a surgical competition. Whoever won between Park Hoon and Han Jaejoon could do a surgery for the South Korean president. I’ll give my review to their characters and characterizations which will also explain why I was utterly disappointed.


WARNING: It contain spoilers so read at your own risk. If you plan to watch and wouldn’t like to ruin the suspense, please kindly do not proceed.


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